Demo 2015

by Witness Protection

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Jason - Guitar
TK - Bass
Jonah - Drums
Dana - Guitar
Taylor - Vocals


released April 17, 2015

Recorded by Derek Jolley in Larksville, Pennsylvania
Mixed by Danny Washington



all rights reserved


Witness Protection Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Going, Gone
Could life ever be sane again?
I'm floating between dreams of 'now and then'
Haunting thoughts of 'what could have been'
I've gotta break out of this place I'm in
I've tried, I can't, I don't know where to begin

I'm smashing those stars in your night sky
One by one
Our dreams weren't made to be remembered
They're dead and gone
Track Name: Choke
Tied to the memories and strands of my youth
I assemble loose ends to resemble a noose
Hanging in time
A personal crime
Killing myself at the end of a line

Thoughts sleep in the back of my head
They taste like lead
They feel like death
Words collide in the back of my throat
They'll never break out
They'll make me choke

Where do I start?
I tore me apart
I hung myself from a hook
Attached to my heart
I bled my pain
All over again
I cleaned up my mess
But memories left a stain

Hanging in time
My personal crime
Track Name: Abuse & Annoy
Flex your friends
Dye your hair
No one gives a fuck about the clothes that you wear
You're screaming unity
Like you're one with our scene
You can't comprehend what these words mean
Fit in with the crowd
It's part of your ploy
You only exist to

Gotta stand up front
Show your face
Let it be known
Which clones winning this race
Make your point
Speak your mind
Get the fuck out once you've crossed our line
Track Name: In My Head
Your words and your actions put a bug in my ear
Fed me stories of confusion and fear
Overthinking myself
Underselling my worth
I'm not ready for the best
I always expect the worst

There's no perfect world
Except the one you create
I can't wait to bring you down with my fate
When it comes to a halt
And we come crashing down
Not a trace of 'what was' will be left to be found

Stuck in my head
I'm already dead